• Alan Goff
  • IMA Chaplain
  • Indiana Marshal Association

    Alan Goff is a lifelong resident of Montgomery County, Indiana. He and his wife Michelle married in 1980 and now have two adult sons and one grandson. Growing up during the 1970s with a brother-in-law who served as marshal in the small town of New Richmond (“Hickory” in the movie Hoosiers), Alan became acutely aware of the difficulties in rural law enforcement.

    Working as a journeyman printer in his earlier years, Alan heard God’s call to the ministry. He began working as a crisis intervention specialist almost from the beginning of his ministry and trained under a man who had worked at Ground Zero.

    In December of 2003, his calling became even more intense when the New Richmond marshal, Mark Clapp, died in the line of duty. Alan not only called Marshal Clapp a friend but had also worked alongside him in high school anti-drunk driving programs. During Marshal Clapp’s funeral, Alan was introduced to the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC) that offered training and networking, spiritual and practical support to officers exposed to physical and emotional line of duty traumas.

    Alan was appointed Chaplain of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department in 2004, and then subsequently appointed Chaplain of the Crawfordsville police and fire departments and the Indiana Marshals’ Association. Alan has completed numerous schools related to his chaplaincy and intervention duties but says he has no desire to become a police officer. His calling is to support those on the “thin blue line” by helping with the unique stresses that officers face.


    E-mail Marshal Fine: treasurer@inmarshal.org