• ILEA Deputy Director Michael Lindsay
  • Central District Director
  • Indiana Marshal Association

    Mike Lindsay began his law enforcement career in 1971 as an MP and was later assigned as a Military Police Investigator.  Upon returning home, he took a number of jobs while completing his criminal justice degree including park policeman, special deputy, hospital security police, and part-time deputy marshal.  Upon graduating college, he took a full-time deputy marshal position and was then appointed marshal, a position he held for seven and a half years.

    In 1986, Mike took a teaching position at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy where he remained for nearly 11 years.  He then moved to Arizona for nearly 9 years and worked as an instructor at two colleges and at a basic training program.  The last three years in Arizona, he worked for the U.S. Marshals transporting prisoners across the western states and to Central and South America.

    In 2006, Mike returned to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as Deputy Director where he continues to work today.

    E-mail Deputy Director Lindsay: centraldd@inmarshal.org